I know this isn't a comic, but I wanted to show it off. Its me with 8 different eye colors. I enjoyed making it.

Shodow Shadow

Yay! More filler art! I'll start back up on the purple dude storyline as soon as I get a scanner. That's right, the art style is changing.

Another Self Portrait

Just some filler for today. I got caught up in recruiting cast members for a TV show I wrote.

Something Entirely More Bizarre

"You are an extraordinary person," said the great white being, "Not only did you see the ladder and climb it, but you can comprehend the infinite. Quite remarkable indeed."
The purple dude, who was attempting to sort out the myriad thoughts that were speeding through his head, merely stared at the being in disbelieving silence as the being picked him off of of the ship.
"I knew I wasn't mad." the being muttered to itself, "but I suppose you'll be disappearing before I can show you to anyone as proof of my sanity."
"Why would I disappear?" asked the purple dude.
"Because in less than a minute, you'll work out exactly what's going on, and then I'll have to send you away."
"Because I believe it."
The purple dude was thrust into an entirely new plethora of thoughts, and sure enough, 56 seconds later, everyhting snapped into place and infinity exploded and replaced itself with something entirely more bizarre.

You should all read Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's series. It is one of the greatest series I have ever read.


A White haze surrounded everything as the ship sailed through the stars, apparently steering itself. The journey was unexpectedly smooth, and dead silent. The dudes peered over the sides of the ship and all they saw was an infinite plane of land, gliding along below them. There was no horizon, as the ground was flat. The green dude's mind was utterly incapable of comprehending the vastness that was infinity, so he took it upon himself to fall over, unconscious, on the deck. The purple dude was oddly undisturbed by this, and said so. At last the ship felt as if it were slowing down. It was. It came to a stop. The purple dude looked over the bow of the ship, wondering what was so special about this specific point in the middle of infinity that caused the ship to stop. It took him all of .2 seconds to notice the gigantic, white figure sitting in front of him. A blindingly white bird fluttered around the figure. The great white figure looked at him with a completely featureless face, excepting the two soft blue lights that served as eyes, and spoke.

I'm having a lot of fun with this. Be prepared for thought provoking surrealism in the days to come.

Great Things are Afoot

I couldn't resist this terrible pun. See you Monday.

The Starship Helvetica

A stunningly bright wisp of light whipped past the purple dude and the green dude. They thought "It seems friendly enough," and followed it. The wisp led them through every bit of existence they had ever experienced, even some they hadn't. They meandered through various dimensions until suddenly they came to a ladder, right in the middle of reality. The wisp drifted away, up the ladder. The dudes, thinking that the ladder seemed friendly enough, began to climb. When they finally reached the top of the ladder through reality, they were overwhelmed by the impossibility of what they were seeing. Meanwhile, the wisp drifted away, thinking to itself that space was really, really big.

This is all the proof that is needed.

Sorry, about the missed posts, I lost internet for a while. But I have it back now so I'll be updating for reals now.