The Professor's Quest Part 3

And that is the last time I will draw that balloon.

The Professor's Quest Part 2

What's this? An update? Oh wow!

The Professor's Quest Part 1

This certainly seems different

The big reveaL

He does not seem friendly.

Whoa! An update! Imagine that.

So, do you want to know why I've been ignoring this little comic? Well, okay.

Excuse #1 : I am working on a short movie for DVX User's Betrayal Fest. I'm writing/directing it and I will upload it in late March.

Excuse #2 : I have been spending a lot of time planning out which direction this strip is going to go. It will stay this way for a while, then there will be an abrupt change in format, location and story. Anyone who is my friend on Facebook will probably already know a little bit about the new characters.

Excuse #3 : I am easily distrac-OOOO LOOK, SOMETHING SHINY!