Something Entirely More Bizarre

"You are an extraordinary person," said the great white being, "Not only did you see the ladder and climb it, but you can comprehend the infinite. Quite remarkable indeed."
The purple dude, who was attempting to sort out the myriad thoughts that were speeding through his head, merely stared at the being in disbelieving silence as the being picked him off of of the ship.
"I knew I wasn't mad." the being muttered to itself, "but I suppose you'll be disappearing before I can show you to anyone as proof of my sanity."
"Why would I disappear?" asked the purple dude.
"Because in less than a minute, you'll work out exactly what's going on, and then I'll have to send you away."
"Because I believe it."
The purple dude was thrust into an entirely new plethora of thoughts, and sure enough, 56 seconds later, everyhting snapped into place and infinity exploded and replaced itself with something entirely more bizarre.

You should all read Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's series. It is one of the greatest series I have ever read.