Green Dude to the Rescue

Whoa! The action just keeps building. So does the cast list.

Sorry this one took so long. I had to rock out with Aaron. It was awesome. Either way, the comic will be up much earlier tomorrow. Enjoy!

Give it Back

Woooo! Comic!

The action is building!

Valuable Ideas

Could this be? Another Wine Drunk storyline? Either way, things are getting interesting, so stay tuned!

Good Lord, today's comic took forever. I started working at 10 a.m. It is now 4:39 p.m. I do think it was worth it to do the watercolors though.

In Which an Idea is Planted

Whoa! Big comic today. This took forever, but the story that will surely unfold will be worth it.

I don't think I'll be sticking with this art style though, I much prefer water colors.

Thanks for reading?


A little more art for today's comic. This is fun to do every once in a while.

In other news, I'm officially back from vacation. It was a lot of fun, I climbed a 13,000 foor mountain and managed to finish the second most strenuous hike in RMNP (The Ute Trail), therefore I feel accomplished.

All in all, its good to be back though. Enjoy the comic!

The Universe

Okay, I know its a terrible joke, but I'm a little pressed for time today.

The reference in yesterday's comic was to Rudyard Kipling's Rikki Tikki Tavi.

The reason I am pressed for time today is because I am leaving for Colorado today. I'll be there until the 19th, so unfortunately, there will be no updates next week, but all kinds of silliness will resume upon my return to Cincinnati. Have fun, don't burn the house down.

In other news, it is Nikola Tesla's birthday. Hooray for Alternating Current!

Correspondant for the Eastern Star

Points if you can name the book that this references.

I've been doing a lot of Literary Humor recently. Anyways, take your best guess and post a comment. I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Fail Whale

Douglas Adams then summoned a giant whale in mid air. There were no survivors.

Apparently the Fail Whale has already been created by Yiying Lu and is being used as the graphic that is displayed whenever Twitter crashes. While my version of the Fail Whale was meant to pay homage to Douglas Adams, I feel that I may have imitated Lu's original concept a little too closely. Sorry about that Yiying.

White Gecko pt. 2

White Gecko crosses the rift and stalks its prey.


That's right, we're back! We are now "Wine Drunk," but the purple dude will still be making his rounds.