Food Chain

Straight from the Sketch book.....kinda

Okay, I have quite a few things to throw out here.

First of all, you may have noticed that today's comic looks completely half-assed. That's because it is. I was getting so tired of trying to get Illustrator to handle fine lines that I just doctored it up in Photoshop and got it posted.

Second, I am terribly sorry about not updating on time, ever. This is because I have been overloaded with doing tattoo designs and logos. Again, I am sorry.

Thirdly, I am currently working on graphics for a game being produced by Brian Stegmann. I'm pretty excited about it, so I've been focusing on concept art for characters and levels and such. I am also currently working on the first few strips of a new comic. I decided that I much prefer writing more lifelike strips, however, the surrealism of Wine Drunk will continue with little single frame comics or drawings.

Fourthly, I'm finishing up work on my 4th album "Demonstration of Hallucination." It will rock.

Thank you all for stopping by,

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